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Hand Sewing Projects



Hedgehog House

Hedgehog House is our newest project and consists of a basket with a handle, a mini hedgehog stuffie and a blanket. If time allows there are extra components including a hedgehog keychain, bookmark, a pocket for the basket and an apron and other clothing for the hedgehog stuffies. Kids can use this basket to hold items in their bedroom! Suitable for grades 1 thru' 5.

Llama Drama

Llama Drama" is inspired by the art and culture of South America and hand painted in watercolors. Students will begin by practicing stitches on a round mug rug, then they will have fun sewing, stuffing and decorating a llama stuffie and blanket. The final part of this project is a llama/cactus keychain with interchangeable accessories where the students will enjoy dressing their felt friends with sunglasses, bows, hats and scarves. Suitable for grades 1 thru' 5.

Hello Tote Bag

This "Hello Tote Bag & Keychain" project is always a favorite with students. The bright colors and the denim look of this bag make it appealing and fun to make. It includes the tote bag with straps, pocket and pocket flap and a speech bubble keychain which can be personalized if time allows. Suitable for grades 1 thru' 5.

Emoji Pillow

Kids love emojis! Depending on the length of the session kids make a pillow, an emoji stuffee which sits in the pocket on the pillow and an emoji keychain! This is a wonderful choice for beginners but experienced sewers will love it too! Suitable for grades 1 thru' 5.

Ice Cream Truck

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Kids are loving our Ice Cream Truck project. The program consists of a composition book cover with an ice cream truck design and a popsicle bookmark, a popsicle pencil case and an ice cream cone keychain! The number of items made depends on the length of the club. Suitable for grades 2 thru' 5.

Daxie Days

Another new project from Sew Happy! Kids will enjoy sewing this adorable dachshund with floppy ears and a cheeky tongue. The students get to choose either a pink or geen coat for their new friend and for the longer sessions they sew a dog bowl and bone! For grades 2 thru' 5.

Fox In A Sleeping Bag

This charming fox has won the hearts of many children at our After School Clubs. He comes with his own sleeping bag too! For grades 1 thru' 5.

18" Doll Dress & Vest

Many kids are interested in fashion design and this club is a great introduction. They'll learn the basics of garment construction as they sew an outfit for their 18" doll. Projects are made with easy to use materials and simple instructions so the girls can try making their own at home. Suitable for 1st grade thru' 4th grade.

18" Doll Spa Day

This is a popular choice as kids adore making the tiny slippers, eye mask and cucumber slices at this club! A great option for beginners or experienced sewers in grades 1 thru' 4.

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