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The Sew Happy "Virtual" Way

  1. Be on time and ready to be creative and have fun!

  2. Be engaged so that you catch all the important instructions.

  3. Ensure that a parent/adult is within hearing distance in case you need some hands-on help.

  4. Only provide positive and complimentary comments to your peers.

  5. Please ask if you need to leave the room.

  6. Use ‘raise hand’ if you have a question during instructions.

  7. Leave video tuned "on".

  8. Be on "mute" during instruction time. 

  9. Keep you cell phone out of reach during camp hours.

  10. No eating during camp except at break and lunch time. Sticky hands make sewing difficult.

  11. Use a hair elastic to keep long hair away from your face.

  12. Practice patience and remember that practice makes BETTER!

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