Terms & Conditions

Camp Description and Fee


A private backyard camp for 4 'friends'.  3 hours per day for 5 days (Mon to Fri).  Camp will incorporate sewing machine and hand sewing projects and will be led by one of our skilled and trained Sew Happy Instructors.


The fee is $495 per friend and there must be 4 friends signed up and paid to secure the dates.


Once the camp is booked and paid for, there are no refunds or changes to dates. We will try our best to accommodate changes if we can.


Camp Location & Equipment


The group needs to choose in which backyard the camp will be held.  Sew Happy will need to discuss the suitability of any location prior to booking.  The space needs to be safe for a sewing machine camp. 


A large covered porch or covered area would work, or gazebos (requiring a flat area and extension leads to provide power). There must be cover and a fan would be preferred. Suitable tables and chairs must be available.


Sew Happy will bring all materials, sewing machines, other tools and supplies. 


The camp must be at the same location for the duration of the week and tables/chairs and potentially gazebos will be left in place for the week.


Daily Social Distancing and Preventive Measures


The 4 friends (campers) making up a 'camp' group cannot change once the program has begun.


The family hosting the backyard camp must be okay with campers entering their house to use the bathroom.  If a camper needs to use the bathroom, our instructor will have them sanitize their hands prior to entering the house and wear a mask.  When they return from using the bathroom they will again be asked to sanitize their hands.


Campers must bring their own mask which they will be required to wear during the entire session. Our instructors will be wearing a mask. As much as possible we will encourage social distancing.  For example if an instructor needs to approach a sewing machine, we will ask the camper to step away (unless they specifically need help requiring they stay closer).

Nobody will wear gloves as these could be a potential hazard when using a sewing machine, needles etc.


Pets or other children must not have access to the 'camp' area during camp or while our instructor is on site.  It may be agreed that some equipment and/or supplies will be left on site for the duration of the camp week, if so they need to be in a suitable area and with an expectation they would be safe and untouched.


Campers will bag up their own supplies after each day (fabrics, needles, pin cushions etc).  Any shared equipment will be wiped down by our instructor between each session (chairs, sewing machines, tables).   Campers will sit in the same chairs, using the same machines, all week.


If Anyone Becomes Unwell


On the first day of camp the parents will be asked to sign a waiver confirming they have no reason to believe their child or anyone in their family could have Covid19.


Each day the parents will sign off that the camper has not had in the last 48 hours: fever, chills, a cough, vomiting or diarrhea or difficulty breathing.


If anyone in the camp (or the instructor) has symptoms that could indicate a covid 19 infection the camp will be stopped and can only be resumed after the person who is unwell provides a negative covid test result. We will endeavor to continue the class at a later date based on our schedule and availability.


The only situation where a refund or partial refund will be given is if Sew Happy cancel the camp due to instructor sickness.


As this is an outdoor camp, if the weather means that the camp cannot safely continue, the camp for that day will be canceled and you will be asked to collect your child.  We will try our best to re-schedule a make-up day or we will add extra time to the remaining days.


If we cannot stay outside while waiting for parents (if it is felt unsafe to wait under a gazebo or porch) we will request the use of a garage and leave the door open while waiting for pick up.  Such scenarios will be discussed with the host prior to camp starting.


Risk and Responsibility


Sew Happy cannot guarantee that the safety measures taken during the camp will be effective in preventing anyone from contracting Covid19.  Parents and guardians must be aware that they need to feel comfortable with sending their child to this camp and that they take full responsibility should their child get sick.  


Our instructors have not been tested for Antibodies nor Covid19 prior to camp.  


A parent or adult needs to be on-site at all times.