Camp Themes For Summer 2020

Me & My Doll Camping Adventure

Ages 6 and above

A fun sewing and crafting camp where students will make a doll dress and moccasins, a fleece blanket, a pillow, s'mores and more related accessories for an 18" doll. In addition to hand sewing they will enjoy games, arts and crafts and play time with the dolls! 

Please note - half day camps will make a dress, pillow, blanket and s'mores.


Emoji Sewing

Ages 6 and above

This camp is hand sewing! Kids will hand sew an emoji tote bag, an emoji mini and an emoji keychain. Whilst learning the wonderful skill of sewing, students will learn how to cut fabric, thread a needle, tie a knot, straight stitch, whip stitch, cross stitch, seam allowances and pinning.

SEW HAPPY-105.jpg

Girl/Boy Power

Ages 6 and above

A week of crafts, hand sewing and machine sewing. Projects include a fleece blanket, a pillow, a backpack and other accessories with a "Girl Power" or "Boy Power" theme. Please note:

1. Students younger than 8 will be hand sewing and NOT machine sewing unless they have attended one of our 10-12 week sewing machine schools.

2. Half day camps will make a fleece blanket, a pillow and a backpack.


Fashion Design

Ages 8 and above

Fashion Design camp is for aspiring fashionistas and includes fashion drawing, mood boards, logo design, draping, designing and making garments for mini mannequins and creating a wearable outfit for themselves. This camp involves machine sewing.

Please note - half day camps will do a shortened version of the activities.