Me & My Doll Spa Day Adventure







  • Be ready for start of camp

  • Enter Zoom meeting

  • Have participants/campers on mute

  • Have samples ready

  • Have materials ready for demonstration

  • Have water close by

  • Have camper info in case you need to contact a parent by phone


Meet 'n' Greet :

  1. Chat to campers whilst waiting for everyone to join

  2. Introduce yourself and tell the campers a little bit about you including your sewing experience.

  3. Mute ALL campers then unmute each camper one at a time as you go around the "room" and ask everyone to say their name and why they would like to sew/sewing experience.


  • With campers muted

  • Introduce camp projects

    • Show samples of each item​

    • Explain goals for the week

    • and goals for today


  • VIDEO "How To Thread A Needle"

  • Supplies needed: pincushion, needle threader, needle and thread

  • Campers: practice threading needle​​

  • VIDEO "How To Tie A Knot"

  • Campers: practice tying a knot

10.50am 15 MINUTE BREAK (Use this time to help anyone catch up)


  • VIDEO "Cutting Fabric"

  • Supplies needed: bookmark, scissors, laminated ruler

  • Campers: cut bookmark (practice piece)

  • VIDEO "Straight Stitch"

  • Use threaded and knotted needle

  • Campers: practice straight stitch

  • VIDEO "Lock Stitch"

  • Campers: practice lock stitch



  • Talk about spa treatments

  • Pitch doll spa business names

  • Campers: make doll spa sign on card stock template and decorate with markers

1.50pm 15 MINUTE BREAK (use this time to help anyone if needed)



  • Supplies needed: wrap front, petals, sharp scissors, coloring sheet

  • Campers: cut petals

  • Campers: cut wrap front

  • (ready for sewing tomorrow)

  • Campers who finish early should work on coloring sheet




  • Clean up

  • Prepare for tomorrow

  • Show 'n' tell (Instructor should do today and plan what campers bring for show 'n' tell tomorrow)

  • Campers share "what I liked about camp today..."


End of Day

      Goals for today

  • To learn how to thread a needle, tie a knot, straight stitch and lock stitch

  • To make a doll spa sign

  • To prepare fabric for tomorrow

      Goals for the week

  • To learn how to sew

  • To make a spa day outfit and accessories for a doll

  • To have fun and to make new "virtual" friends

How To Thread A Needle
How To Tie A Knot
How To Cut Fabric
Straight Stitch
Lock Stitch

Photo of supplies

Samples Of Doll Spa Signs

Extra Videos You May Need To Access

Whip Stitch
How To Untangle A Knot

Materials required today:

  • Fabric:

    • Bookmark

    • Wrap front

    • Petals

  • Sharp scissors

  • Needle

  • Needle threader

  • Pincushion

  • Pins

  • Thread

  • Laminated ruler

For tomorrow's Show & Tell bring....