Hedgehog House KIT

SUPPLIES In your Kit 

  • Hedgehog House Fabric

  • Key Ring

  • Stuffing

  • Scissors

  • Pincushion

  • 8 Pins

  • Needle Threader

  • 2 x Needles

  • Seam Ripper

  • 2 Spools Of Thread

  • Postcard (with ruler)

GOAL for the program:

To make a hedgehog house "basket", with accessories including a mini hedgehog stuffie and keychain

Section One

Watch this video, and setup your workstation as it is shown here.


Prepare to thread your needle...

  • Remove the wrapper from a needle and place needle in pincushion​

  • Set up your needle threader

    • Watch the videos provided to complete both steps​


Threading the needle...

  • With needle inserted in pincushion use needle threader to pull thread through they eye of the needle

Threading The Needle
Tying A Knot

Tying a knot...

  • Using the threaded needle follow the instructions to tie a knot.

  • This takes time and patience so you can watch the video as many times as you need to practice.

  • If you already know how to tie a knot a different way, you can do it like that instead.


The Straight Stitch and Lock Stitch...

  • Cut Practice Piece

  • Using the threaded and knotted needle follow the instructions to do the straight stitch

  • Once you are done with a line of stitching, do the lock stitch to finish.


Straight Stitch
Cut Practice Piece
Lock Stitch

Section Two

Cut strap front and back


Cut the buttonholes



Pin the front of the strap to the back of the strap


Stitch the front of the strap to the back of the strap