Me & My Doll Mini Spa Day Adventure







  • Be ready for start of camp

  • Enter Zoom meeting

  • Have participants/campers on mute

  • Have samples ready (wrap, eye mask, slippers, towel, cucumbers)

  • Have materials ready for demonstration

  • Have water close by

  • Have camper info in case you need to contact a parent by phone


Meet 'n' Greet :

  1. Admit campers to the meeting one at a time and ask them to take out their Welcome Activity. Start completing information about themselves and their doll while everyone joins the meeting.

  2. Introduce yourself and tell the campers a little bit about you including your sewing experience.

  3. Mute ALL campers then unmute each camper one at a time as you go around the "room" and ask everyone to say their name and why they would like to sew/sewing experience.


  • With campers muted

  • Introduce camp projects

    • Show samples of each item​

    • Explain goals for the week

    • and goals for today



  • VIDEO "How To Thread A Needle"

  • Supplies needed: pincushion, needle threader, needle and thread

  • Campers: practice threading needle​​

NOTE: This video includes tying a knot. The second video is only tying a knot using a plastic needle and embroidery floss for the demonstration. You don't have to use the second one.

  • VIDEO "How To Tie A Knot"

  • Campers: practice tying a knot

9.50am 20 MINUTE BREAK (Use this time to help anyone catch up)


  • Talk about spa treatments

  • Pitch doll spa business names

  • Campers: make doll spa sign on paper template and decorate with clip art


  • VIDEO "CUT Practice Piece"

  • Campers: cut practice piece

  • VIDEO "Straight Stitch"

  • Use threaded and knotted needle

  • Campers: practice straight stitch on practice piece

  • VIDEO "Lock Stitch"

  • Campers: practice lock stitch


  • Clean up

  • Prepare for tomorrow

  • Show 'n' Tell - Take turns un-muting campers so they can take turns talking about their Show 'n' Tell. Today they should introduce their doll.


End Meeting for all (Don't leave meeting open)

Prepare for tomorrow

      Goals for today

  • To learn how to thread a needle, tie a knot, straight stitch and lock stitch

  • To make a doll spa sign

      Goals for the week

  • To learn how to sew

  • To make a spa day outfit and accessories for a doll

  • To have fun and to make new "virtual" friends

How To Thread A Needle
How To Tie A Knot
Straight Stitch
Lock Stitch

For tomorrow's Show & Tell bring....

Your favorite stuffed animal

Cut Practice Piece

Extra Videos You May Need To Access

Whip Stitch
How To Untangle A Knot

Materials required AT CAMP:

  • Sharp scissors

  • Needles

  • Needle threader

  • Pincushion

  • Pins

  • Thread

  • Seam ripper

  • Thimble

  • Ruler

  • Markers or Colored Pencils