Virtual Camps


Campers ages 7 - 13 learn the wonderful LIFE SKILL of hand sewing whilst having fun making adorable projects to treasure forever. We are proud to say that our kid approved and one-of-a-kind projects are specially designed at Sew Happy and are made in the USA using recycled water bottles.  We have 6 different themes so that campers can attend multiple half day camps. 

Our experienced and passionate instructors will patiently teach campers the skills of sewing including threading a needle, tying a knot, stitching, sewing on a button etc. through easy-to-follow short and clear videos shared on the child's screen. In addition to sewing there is a welcome activity which encourages campers to participate with each other and an arts and crafts project to give a "camp" feel.


We do recommend the presence of an adult for younger campers or those who may find sewing tricky to start off with. As a camper becomes comfortable threading a needle, tying a knot etc the adult will be needed less but someone should be close by to help if necessary.

HAND SEWING CAMPS (Scroll down for schedule and registration)

Each camp $175 including materials & shipping