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Popsicle Video 1
Popsicle Video 2
Popsicle Video 3

Start off by sketching the popsicle outline lightly with a pencil.


Draw popsicle shape of your choice. After that paint a thin wash in the color of your choice. Next, add a few drops of the same color in a couple of places while the paint is still wet.This technique is called wet on wet technique.


This DIY watercolor popsicle art follows the same principle as the previous one but just with two different colors. Paint one third of your popsicle with one color and blend it downwards using water. Next add another color at the bottom and blend it upwards to merge with the top color. You may use three colors as well to make it look even more colorful.


In this popsicle illustration, you’ll need to play with depth. Paint a base wash of any color of your choice. If you’ll notice closely, I’ve used two colors and blended them together to form my base wash.


Next, while the paint is still wet, add depth to the areas which are lower in height. You’ll find that your paint spreads but that’s exactly the effect you’re looking for.Wait for the paint to dray a bit.

Finally, touch the surface of the paper to check whether the paper is damp. When it reaches this point, add more color to increase the feeling of depth. This will spread the paint but not as much as before. You’ll have better control but it will still create a fabulous soft effect. Make sure the paint does not dry completely or else you’ll be left with a very hard edge.


Unlike the previous illustrations, this popsicle has a light almost clear base.

While the paint is still wet, add fruits of your choice. I added a few blueberries and let it spread on its own.

When the paint had a little less water, I painted a couple of strawberries. Doesn’t that look like something you want to bite into.  Yum!