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Instructor Training For Sew Happy After School Clubs

Information on this page is intended for the purposes of Sew Happy instructors.

1. Read the Staff Training presentation

2. Watch the "Classroom Management Training" videos

3. Practice threading a needle, tying a knot and the lock stitch

If you have any questions please reach out to us at

Staff Training Presentation 
Includes the videos:-
How to thread a needle
Tying a knot
Lock stitch
First Class
Iinstructions for the first class of an after school club including timings.
Classroom Management Training Videos

These videos are from in-person training with Sew Happy Instructors. 
Video 1 - Introduction

Video 2 - Building Rapport


Greeting Students

Attention Seeking 


Video 3 - Classroom Rules


Non-negotiable Rules

Reinforcing the Rules

Video 4 - Classroom Management


Assigning a Helper
Using Humor
Managing Expectations
Goal Setting
Sensory Breaks
Secret Signals

4. Downloadable Documents
(all of these will be supplied in your instructor binder so no need to print)

1. SEW HAPPY HANDBOOK (Updated September 2023)

2. Instructor Guidelines 

  • Before A Program Starts

  • First Day Of A New Program

  • Classroom Arrival & Set-Up

  • Weekly Welcome Meeting

  • Working On The Assigned Project Of The Day

  • Clean-Up

  • Dismissal

  • Time-Keeping

  • Consequences For Undesirable Behavior

3. Instructor Bin - Contents & Information




Attendance Sheets

Accident Report Forms

Incident Report Forms

After School Project Printable Tutorials & Videos
Video Tutorials 
(designed to teach kids at home but great for training purposes. May not follow time plan you are using)

Hedgehog House

Narwhals, Narwhals

8 Week Program

10 Week Program

Other Projects:

Video Tutorials
(designed to teach kids at home but great for training purposes. May not follow time plan you are using)

Me & My Doll Dress & Vest
5. Other Helpful Information

Some of our After School Programs teach machine sewing. Here is some information relevant to those.


We use the Brother CS6000i sewing machine. 


Video Tutorials:

- website has 2 pages of how-to videos for the Brother CS6000i.

   Just use the down arrow to browse their "how to video series".  Lots of useful information, especially helpful for:

    -  Threading & Winding a Bobbin

    -  Inserting the Bobbin

    -  Changing the Needle

    -  Stitch Width, Length & Needle Position

Note:  To avoid damage to our sewing machines, we do not teach how to use the automatic Needle Threader in our classes.


You can also search YouTube for how-to videos.

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