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For New Instructors

Welcome to Sew Happy!  Please complete the following forms.


There are links to documents and tax forms - all need to be reviewed, some need to be signed and returned.


Please note:  Background Check information will be sent to you in a separate email, when it's required.

Please bring original completed and signed documents and Original, Unexpired I.D.s with you to the Studio.


1)  Offer letter -  Confirm by email that you are happy with the information it contains.


2) Staff Handbook (9/7/23) - Please review, and confirm by email that you are happy with all the information it contains.  If you want any further clarification please ask.  The Staff Handbook is also available on the Sew Happy Instructor Website Page.


3)  Confidentiality, Non-Solicit and Non-Compete Agreement (Download Form)


4) Work Made For Hire Agreement (Download Form)

5)  Federal Tax Form:  W-4, Employee's Withholding Certificate (Download Form)

6) CT State Tax Form:  CT-W4, Employee's Withholding Certificate (Download Form)

For employees living in CT

7) NY State Tax Form:  IT-2104, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (Download FormFor employees living in NY. You will need the instructions (Download Form)

8)  Dept. of Homeland Security:  Form I-9 and Instructions, Employment Eligibility Verification (Download Form)

We have to show we have checked you are who you say you are.

Please complete this form and bring us some form of identification.

On the form it says 1 from List A  OR  1 from List B  AND  1 from List C (so for example a passport is fine on it's own but some other ID's require a second ID too).  You must present ORIGINAL and UNEXPIRED I.D.s, so we can physically examine and review it.


9)  Paychex Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change Form. (Download Form)

Information needed so we can pay you directly into your bank account.

Please be sure to attach documentation of your bank account information as listed on the form, i.e. voided check, deposit slip, bank letter, etc

How to use When I Work (our scheduling software)

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