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Scouts + Sewing = 

We think sewing is the perfect activity for all Scouts! Sewing is a fun activity that has many benefits not to mention that it will be useful throughout your entire life! Once you learn the concept of threading a needle, tying a knot and stitching through fabric the sky is the limit. Not only will you be able to mend your clothes or sew on a button but it may lead to a new hobby or even a career.

We offer hand sewing projects for all scouts from 6 years old and above and for scouts 8 and above we also offer a sewing machine event! Interested? Email us!

The Bookmark Project


Bookmark - Each student chooses a bookmark design (we have 10 designs)

Skills Learned:

  1. How to thread a needle

  2. How to use a needle threader

  3. Tying a knot

  4. Straight stitch

  5. Lock stitch

  6. Whip stitch


The printed stitch lines and markings on the back of the bookmarks make it easy for beginners to learn the basics of sewing. Once the girls have mastered these basic skills they stitch the front and back of the bookmark together, using a whipstitch. 


Optional: Students are welcome to stitch a badge on to the bookmark.


Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors will guide your Girl Scout group through a 90 minute class which will go like this:

  • First 15 minutes - Intro & Ice-breaker 

The instructor will introduce themselves and explain the goals for the class. We will ask each Girl Scout to introduce herself and tell us if she has any sewing experience.

  • Next 60 minutes - How to sew 


Our instructors will guide the girls through cutting the bookmark, threading a needle, tying a knot, stitching and lock stitch. They should complete the bookmark during this time.

  • Last 15 minutes - Clean up/ Show & Tell/ Q&A

Students will clean up their work area and to put all sharp pins, needles and scissors away safely. There will be a short "Show & Tell" with each student showing her projects. We will have a short Q & A session where the students may ask our instructors any sewing related questions.


$225 up to 8 girl scouts (includes materials and 2 instructors)

$25 per additional guest (12 max)

Next Step

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