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My daughter and her friends had the BEST time at Sew Happy! She celebrated her 8th birthday with a sewing machine party in which everyone made a pillow. Everything went so smoothly and each girl went home with a really cool project! The Sew Happy staff made the whole experience so enjoyable and easy. I definitely recommend it! -Alexandra, October 2022





October 2022

Sew Happy is the BEST! My daughter has taken many classes at Sew Happy, and has loved each and every one! She loves the instructors and the bright, fun rooms. Each class is customized to her personal interests, with a variety of different fabrics and materials to choose from. 

I'm so proud that she has learned a skill that she will be able to use for the rest of her life, and I'm excited to see how her skill develops - whether in creating gifts for others or as a lifelong passion! It's given her so much confidence and I highly recommend Sew Happy to anyone learning to sew!


Let me know if this is good and if you'd like me to make any changes!


Liz, October 2021

"I was amazed at what I saw in our Sew Happy class today. The students were engaged and loving what they were doing.


I was so impressed with the kids work and your instructor is absolutely amazing with the kids.


I will beg you to get her back for our fall semester!"


Matt Fisher - Director of the Bronxville After School Program


Since the pandemic began I have increasingly become very active with my crafting.  I realized that I wanted to add sewing to my crafting so I reached out to Kim at Sew Happy.  I have been actively going to her business for my in personal lessons and feel quite safe and comfortable in her place of business.  In a few short lessons I am now on my way to becoming an active sewing client. 


Nichole, October 2020

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Kim and her crew at Sew Happy. My son has thoroughly enjoyed learning how to sew and takes immense pleasure in fixing his own clothes ( and some of ours). He has taken a few courses and has loved every single one.  During the midst of Covid he genuinely missed it but we are so happy they are back open. The studio is fastidiously clean and they are taking every possible precaution with the kids. A great little gem in Mamaroneck - we are so fortunate. Su, October 2020


My 10-year old daughter loves this class! We are thrilled with all of the sewing projects that she brings home and it is such a great life skill to have. In addition to all of these things, even my husband feels safe having her attend class during COVID (and that says a lot about their safety/cleanliness). Kristin, October 2020

Of all the classes my 9 year old daughter takes, Sew Happy is her favorite.  She has learned so much in a short period of time and with only a few classes under her belt was able to sew masks for our family and healthcare workers during peak pandemic time.  Kim has always gone above and beyond to help us out with any questions and has succeeded in making the classes feel completely safe despite these challenging times. Lisa, October 2020

Would like to say thank you to Sew happy for all the amazing sewing classes for my daughter Emma!

She learned hand sewing first then with a machine...PJ pants, pillows, mask....

An amazing safe environment for both girls and boys. Highly recommend!!! Anna Maria, October 2020


"Sew Happy and Kim Mulcahy are a gift from craft heaven!!!  The fantastic things that are created during the classes and camps are so beautiful and the age old skills that are taught are so empowering to the children!  It's so wonderful to see the art of sewing is being kept alive by a passionate and creative team"!  


Happy mom from Rye - February 2016

I was very fortunate to have discovered Sew Happy in the Rye Record four years ago.  My daughter has taken many classes, workshops and camps over the years and has learned so much.  Not only has she developed important life skills, but the warm, creative, and supportive environment has been such a positive experience.  Her ideas are welcomed and encouraged.  She is challenged and praised and feels good about herself.  The quality of teaching is excellent and professional.  I highly recommend Sew Happy.  It truly is a special place!  Kim Mulcahy is a gem- a very kind woman and highly skilled professional who has made Sew Happy a unique and very special place! - Rachel Weiss, June 2016

I have been taking classes with Sew Happy for many years now and have loved all of the classes.  I have learned how to hand sew, embroider, use a sewing machine, and a lot more very useful skills that I know I will use for the rest of my life.  One of my favorite projects was making a dress that I wear all the time!  The teachers are so great- they listen to my ideas and help me achieve them.  And all of the kids get along so nicely.  Sew Happy makes me sooo happy! - Lexi Weiss, (Aged 11), June 2016

I was so impressed with the quality of the work that you do.  Her holiday gifts are colorful, beautiful, detailed, really do wonderful work..  All of the packaging, the labeling, the tags..all top- notch!!!   WELL DONE!!!!!!  


Thanks for bringing this to Rye!


Yvette Goldman, 2015

My girls were so excited today to see felt as they said they can sew something with it. I was ecstatic to hear it as that means your class at Milton was more than I hoped for!!!

Thank you thank you!

"Sew Happy sewing classes have been a blessing for my daughter. She thoroughly enjoys being creative and learning to sew has been wonderful for her to express her creative side. She has made so many projects from scarves, skirts, and PJ's, to purses, backpacks, and pillows. Kim and her staff are kind and friendly and my daughter has forged a positive relationship with them. She has learned so much and greatly enjoys going to Sew Happy".


Testimonial from Madison's Mom, 2016



In reference to daughter's 8th birthday party - " the charts. They were fab and the whole program fab. I’ll share for sure!"

Jennifer Openshaw, September 2017

"My daughter absolutely loves her time with Kim and her team.  They are patient, kind, and have instilled a love of sewing in her.  She started as a complete novice and has really progressed.  Her love of sewing has exponentially increased due to the care and attention she receives at Sew Happy!" - Abby, 2017

I could not be happier to have found Kim Mulcahy and Sew Happy in Rye.  My daughter has been anxious to learn machine sewing, as she has been hand sewing for years.  But I am not in the least bit crafty and found myself unable to help her learn to use her new sewing machine.  She loves going to machine sewing class every week and creating both fashions and items for the home.  She is well on her way to being able to create a wardrobe which is her ultimate goal.  I am so happy she has the expert guidance of such friendly and wonderful teachers to lead her in this endeavor!  Shaun Kloepfer, 2017

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