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The Projects
  • Bookmark

  • Friendship Bracelets

  • Keychain

The bookmark is the starting project and the printed stitch lines and markings make it easy for beginners to follow along with the instructions. Once the students master the skills required to sew they stitch the front and back of the bookmark together, inserting a made-by label as they sew. Students use a whipstitch to sew the bookmark together and this is the stitch they would use to sew on a badge. Optional: Students are welcome to stitch a badge on to the bookmark.


The only stitching on the friendship bracelets is sewing on a button but this is a life skill itself so the students will be able to practice their button sewing with the 5 bracelets we provide.


Finally, the keychain is a fun project and depending on the speed of the students this may or may not get completed in the class but they will be able to access the video tutorial after the class so they can finish it on their own.


One of our friendly instructors will guide your group through a 90 minute interactive sewing lesson on zoom. The class will go like this:

First 15 minutes - Intro & Ice-breaker 

The instructor and the group will introduce themselves and tell a fun fact about themselves.

Next 40 minutes - How to sew 

Our instructor will use short, concise videos to guide the students through cutting fabric, threading a needle, tying a knot, stitching and making a lock stitch. The instructor will play the videos over for any student requiring more assistance. Students can go at their own pace to complete the bookmark. Any student not completing the bookmark during this time will have access to a video tutorial so they can finish at home.

Next 20 minutes - Friendship Bracelets

Students cut one of the friendship bracelets and learn how to sew on a button. They can complete the remaining bracelets at their leisure.

Last 15 minutes - Wind Down

Instructors will encourage students to clean up their work area and to put all sharp pins, needles and scissors away safely. There will be a short "Show & Tell" with each student showing her projects.

The keychain is for the girls to make in their own time. They will have access to a video tutorial.


Hand Sewing $250 (up to 10 girl scouts)

Plus materials and sewing supplies ($10 per student) & shipping (depends on quantity and location)


Events are 90 minute zoom meetings. Upon booking a 50% deposit is required with the balance due one week before the event. We will ship all supplies to one address or you can pick up if you prefer. You will be responsible for distributing the supplies to each girl scout. Materials include the projects shown above plus a sewing kit for each student comprising of a pincushion, pins, needles, needle threader, scissors and thread.

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