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Me & My Doll Dress & Vest

Class 1

Dress & Vest - Full Outift.JPG


  • Dress & Vest Fabric

  • 4 Buttons

  • Scissors

  • Pincushion

  • 8 Pins

  • Needle Threader

  • 2 x Needles

  • Seam Ripper

  • 2 Spools Of Thread

  • Laminated Ruler

15 Mins Prior

Prepare For Class

15 mins

  • Enter Zoom meeting

  • Check in with Sew Happy Supervisor

  • Be wearing your headset (if using) 

  • Test the microphone

  • Have students on mute

  • Have Sew Happy virtual background on

  • Have samples ready to show

  • Have materials ready for demonstration

  • Have water close by

  • Have student info in case you need to contact a parent by phone

Start Of Class 0.00


Duration 10 mins

  • Admit students

  • Greet students whilst waiting for everyone to join

  • Introduce yourself and tell the students a little bit about you

  • This is the time we would like the students to interact so keep them UNMUTED and ask them to say their name and an interesting fact you (the instructor) choose

  • Suggestion: Have you sewed before?

TIME 0.10mins


Duration 10 mins

With students MUTED:

  • Introduce projects and show samples of each item​ (either actual or photos)


Dress & Vest - Full Outift.JPG

      Goals for the program

  • To make an outfit for an 18" doll, including a dress, vest and shoulder bag

  • To interact with other students

  • To have fun and to make new "virtual" friends

  • Explain goals for the week

  • Explain goals for today


      Goals for today

  • To learn about each other

  • To have fun

  • To learn the basics of sewing including threading a needle and tying a knot 

  • To finish the class feeling positive and happy

With students UN-MUTED:

  • Go through "Class Rules & Guidelines"

  • Encourage students to interact and come up with the rules and guidelines themselves

  • If the class is large give each student a chance to suggest one rule or guideline

  • Refer back to these rules and guidelines if a student is not following them



  • Be on time and ready to be creative and have fun!

  • Be engaged so that you catch all the important instructions.

  • Ensure that a parent/adult is within hearing distance in case you need some hands-on help.

  • Only provide positive and complimentary comments to your peers.

  • Please ask if you need to leave the room.

  • Use ‘raise hand’ if you have a question during instructions.

  • Leave video tuned "on".

  • Be on "mute" during instruction time. 

  • Keep you cell phone out of reach during camp hours.

  • No eating during class as sticky hands make sewing difficult.

  • Use a hair elastic to keep long hair away from your face.

  • Practice patience and remember that practice makes BETTER!

Time 0.20 mins


Duration 30 mins

With students MUTED:

  • Tell students to have these supplies on the table in front of them

  • Sewing Kit (supplied by Sew Happy)

  • Materials (supplied by Sew Happy)


With students MUTED:

  • Have students follow along with the following steps

  • If a student "raises their virtual hand" wait until a break in the videos before answering them so the class can proceed in a timely manner

  • Advise students that videos are available for them after the class so they can catch up




  • Remove the wrapper from a needle and place needle in pincushion

  • Demonstration of a needle threader



  • With needle inserted in pincushion use needle threader to pull thread through they eye of the needle


  • Using the threaded needle follow the instructions to tie a knot

  • This takes time and patience so make sure students know that they can watch video after the class to practice more

  • If a student already knows how to tie a knot a different way they can use their own method



  • Cut Practice Piece

  • Using the threaded and knotted needle follow the instructions to do the straight stitch

  • If a student reaches the end of the first row of stitching

    • if time show the video "lock stitch"

    • or ask them to stop there as they will be learning the lock stitch at the next class



  • Work on practice piece:

  • Complete all stitch lines, add more stitches in addition to the stitch lines - get creative


Time 0.50 mins


Duration 10 mins

  • Clean up - ask students to:

    • make sure all the pins and needles are either in the pincushion or in a safe place

    • put all of the materials and supplies back in the box and keep in a safe place until the next class​

    • clean up their work area

  • Students share "what I liked about class today..." or "Would you rather..."

Games & Ice Breakers

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Sew Happy Hand Sewing Video Demonstrations

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