Sewing Machine Party

(For kids 7 and above)

The Project


Choose from an "Autograph Pillow" or "Cross Body Lined Bag"

Setting The Scene


When the party-goers arrive the sewing machines will be threaded and ready to use.

(Guests do NOT have to worry about threading the machine etc)

After a sewing machine "safety briefing", the guests will begin to sew.

Autograph Pillow

  • Everyone will take a seat at a sewing machine and sew a line of fun, colorful stitching.

  • Next, the guests will all move to another sewing machine where they will sew another line of stitching, this time in another color.

  • This will continue until everyone's fabric is adorned with decorative rows of stitching.

  • The guests will pin their embellished fabric, (the front of the pillow) to the back of the pillow and stitch around the edges, then they will stuff it and stitch up the opening with the help of our dedicated instructors.

  • Everyone autographs the back of the pillows with fabric markers so everyone has an adorable momento from the birthday party!

Cross Body Lined Bag


  • Guests will choose from a selection of fabrics for their bag.

  • They will pin and stitch the lining and main bag together.

  • Next they will select a ribbon and sew it on to their bag.

  • Finally they will choose an iron-on design for the outside of their bag and our instructors will iron it on for them (guests will NOT use the iron)

  • Fabric markers will be provided for further embellishment  



We include 30 minutes for cake and refreshments.


Price for up to 8 kids $450 and $25 each additional guest up to 12 guests

(contact us about larger groups)

2 Hours

Includes sewing machines, materials and 2 instructors




Party location is Sew Happy Studio, 154 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10543


Party duration 2 hours

Sewing activity takes 90 minutes and 30 minutes for cake/food

All food, beverages, decorations, and paper goods must be provided by parents/guardians. WE ARE A NUT FREE FACILITY!

Please arrive 15 minutes early for setup to ensure that you receive your full class time. We recommend that you bring the following: table covering, paper goods (plates, napkins, cups, forks), food and drinks (pizza, birthday cake, juice etc), candles and matches.

We don't have room for all the parents to stay during the party however we do request that 2 parents stay (the parent of the party person plus one other).

We require that a parent completes a waiver for each party guest.

Please share with us any information you think we might find useful about special needs of children in your birthday party group such as attention, anxiety, sensory, mobility, hearing, or vision issues. We've found that when parents tell us in advance, rather than at the time of the party, we can provide the best possible party experience.

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