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1000+ Masks!

Last update - Friday March 27th

We reached 1000 masks! Thank you everyone, what an amazing job, you have all been so wonderful and supportive. The medical staff are sooo grateful for these masks covers to give them an extra layer of protection! We are still going to continue making masks until they are no longer needed so please keep going! It is also keeping our community focused and positive so let's keep the momentum going!

Thursday March 26th

At 3pm today, 611 MASKS have been made and are en route to Columbia Presbyterian, Mount Sinai, Montefiore, Brookdale and OPEN DOOR. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to our amazing community, you really know how to help in a crisis. The feedback from the medical staff is they are so grateful for every single mask you are making so keep them coming, they still haven't received the "real" masks and until they do we need to continue. The system is running amazingly smoothly and we have had a steady stream of cutters, sewers and delivery volunteers all respecting the "social distancing" guidelines. Still need machine and hand sewers, Sew Happy sewing students of ALL ages would be more than capable of making these!

Tuesday March 24th

We have collected 130 masks and more are arriving every hour!

We received feedback from Dr. Manice at NY Presbyterian Hospital and our tips for sewers are below

We've received more elastic so please pick up from 2 Robert Crisfield.

Sunday March 22nd:

We hope that once our mask project is up and running we will be able to send to many local hospitals in the coming weeks.

This week we are hoping to make 1000 masks for New York Presbyterian Hospital. The masks are made from 8” x 11” pieces of fabric. This may seem large but they will be worn over hospital issued masks. They will advise their staff on the care and use of them. The masks will be sterilized before use so you do NOT need to wash them before dropping in the bin.

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