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After School Program

Covid Update

After great success with our virtual camps and classes we are now offering our virtual after school program. Please click here to email us if you are interested in having Sew Happy Virtual at your school!

We are excited to offer sewing classes virtually!

Our instructors will be the "live" host of each 8 week program and will lead the students through the class using short videos to show clear and precise instructions.

All of our experienced instructors are trained in classroom management and we have adapted this to fit with the virtual environment so that we can deliver the most successful program possible.

Why we think our virtual program works -

  • Sense of Community

  • Kids will feel connected with other kids in the community 

  • Life Skill

  • Kids will learn a life skill which is very relevant to the current situation

  • New Interest

  • Kids can work on their new sewing skills to keep them occupied at times when they would usually be busy

  • Therapeutic

  • Sewing is a