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Hand Sewing, Machine Sewing & Fashion Design

For Kids

  • Learn a life skill

  • Interact with other kids

  • Feel a sense of community

  • Learn a new hobby

  • Relax

  • Raise self esteem


January 13th -
March 24th
3.45pm - 4.45pm
(10 Week Class $200)

Hedgehog House

Project info


January 6th - March 10th
2.15pm - 3.15pm
(10 Week Class $200)

Me & My Doll

Project info

We are NOW offering Sewing Machine classes virtually. Click here for details


 January 14th - March 25th
3.30pm - 4.30pm
(10 Week Class $200)

Me & My Doll

Project info


 January 23rd - March 13th
11am - 12pm
(10 Week Class $200)

Hedgehog House Project info

Hand Sewing

Kids ages 6 - 12 will enjoy learning the life skill of sewing through interactive classes with knowledgeable and fun instructors and adorable projects.

What To Expect

  • When you register for one of our online sewing classes we will mail you the materials for the class. Just before the program starts we will send you a zoom meeting invitation to the class.


  • The program is 10 weeks long and each class is 1 hour. The first 10 - 15 minutes is an interactive portion where the instructor helps the students get to know each other to create a classroom feeling and sense of community. For the main part of the class the instructor will guide the students through each step by showing clear and concise videos making sure the students are understanding as they proceed. For the last 5 - 10 minutes of class we expect the students to clean up their work area and the session ends with a fun game such as "Would you rather..."

  • We know that there is a lot to learn at the beginning and that is why we make videos available after the class so that students can watch and practice at their own pace.

  • For each project there are fabric pieces which need to be cut so we supply a sharp pair of scissors. Cutting is an important skill because it helps with fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

  • Threading the needle is probably the hardest part of hand sewing but also the most important one. Students are not expected to be able to thread a needle immediately and this is why we recommend adult help for younger sewers. We provide a needle threader with our kits and we have spent several years working on the best method to teach children but it can still take time to master. We ask parents to help and encourage their child with the needle threading but to make sure that the child really learns this skill for themself as the pay-off is that the child feels a HUGE sense of satisfaction, self-esteem and importance as they add this wonderful and necessary lifeskill to their list of accomplishments.

  • In addition to threading a needle the students need to learn how to tie a knot, split floss and make a "lock stitch". Each of our projects includes a "practice piece" which is a part of the project but has been designed so that the student can practice basic stitches and the lock stitch.  Straight stitch and whip stitch are the stitches used mostly in our projects but we sometimes add in a cross stitch too. 

  • Each of our projects have been designed at Sew Happy and we are proud to say that they are made in the USA from (mostly) recycled water bottles.

  • In addition to class price there is an additional charge of $25 for materials and sewing kit plus $10 shipping