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Virtual Camps Are  Here!

Parents and kids love Sew Happy Camps! Sewing is a great way for kids to express themselves and to experiment with their creativity. Designing and making a wearable or usable item allows them to feel success, building confidence and self esteem. Oh, and did we mention it's fun too!

Kids as young as 6 can bring their dolls to our Me & My Doll camp where they hand sew doll clothing,  play games and enjoy making doll accessories with arts and crafts. At our Fashion Design camps students design their own mood boards and business logos and they participate in fashion challenges including draping and "trash to treasure"! We also have fun putting together a fashion show on the last day of camp where our fashionistas get to show off their completed outfits to each other.  Girl Power is a fun camp where campers get to do a combination of hand and machine sewing along with arts, craft and games! More info...


At our full day sewing machine camps we have a student:teacher ratio of 4/5:1 as the nature of our camp means that students use needles, pins, scissors, sewing machines and irons. Safety is of the utmost importance at Sew Happy and we follow strict rules to make sure our camps are as safe as possible. Our experienced sewing instructors are also trained in classroom management in order to ensure the best camp experience for boys and girls of varying ages and abilities. Sew Happy sewing camps are for children ages 6 - 14, beginners welcome! We are excited to teach your children the important life skill of sewing this summer!


It's Fun!

Improves Fine Motor Skills


Camp Dates & Locations
For more information please click on the name of the camp
Hackley School

Registration for Hackley Camps is through their website, click the button above to go to it!

June 8th - 11th 9.30am - 3pm


Me & My Doll Camping Adventure

June 15th - 19th 1pm - 4pm

Girl Power

June 22nd - 26th 1pm - 4pm

Fashion Design

Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT

Reistration for GA camps is through their website, click the button above to go to it!

June 8th - 11th 9.30am - 3pm


Me & My Doll Camping Adventure

June 15th - 18th 9.30am - 3pm

Girl Power Camp

June 22nd - 25th 9.30am - 3pm

Fashion Design


The Chapel School, Bronxville, NY ($275)

July 13th - 17th, 1pm - 4pm

Me & My Doll Camping Adventure



August 10th - 14th, 10am - 4pm

Girl/Boy Power Camp ($595)

August 17th - 21st, 10am - 4pm 

Fashion Design ($595)

August 24th - 28th, 1pm - 4pm

Me & My Doll Camping Adventure ($295)

Scarsdale ($595)

August 24th - 28th, 10am - 4pm

Girl Power Camp

The Chapel School, Bronxville, NY ($275)

August 3rd - 7th, 1pm - 4pm

Emoji Sewing Camp


To Register
For Hackley and Greenwich Academy camps, registration is directly through their websites and you can click on the blue "Sign Up" button to link to their registration page. 
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