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Our new Hedgehog House sewing kit is suitable for kids 7-12 years old. The design is an original watercolor and it’s printed on felt made from recycled water bottles.


This kit comes with 42 step-by-step video tutorials which will teach your child how to thread a needle, how to tie a knot, how to cut and pin fabric, straight stitch, whip stitch, lock stitch and how to sew on a button. The videos may be played over and over until your child is comfortable with each technique.


Kids learn the basics of sewing using the included “practice piece” which is clearly marked with stitch lines so a child can follow along easily. Once your child is comfortable with the basics of threading the needle and tying a knot she/he will begin the main project starting with the basket (an inner and outer basket stitched together with a whip stitch) and carrying strap which attaches to the basket with buttons. The next projects are a hedgehog stuffie and hedgehog keychain. Extra accessories include a blanket for the hedgehog bed, two aprons and a hat. The basket can be used by younger kids as a toy or for older kids to hold personal items.

Hedgehog House At-Home

    • Hedgehog house fabric
    • Key ring

    • 2 Buttons

    • Stuffing

    • Needle threader

    • 2 x Needles

    • 2 x Spools of thread

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