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Programs For Schools

If you are looking for new ideas for your After School, Lunch Recess or Before School programs, consider Sew Happy.


Since 2011 we have taught hand sewing to hundreds of kids in over 80 schools in Westchester, Greenwich and New York City! Last year we introduced our Sewing Machine program to Greenwich Academy and Greenwich Country Day Schools at their 2 hour Friday Afternoon Programs.

All of our instructors are trained in classroom management so that we deliver the most successful programs possible.

Hand Sewing

Simple sewing lessons allow creative kids to express themselves through their hands as they create beautiful projects, whilst improving their math, thinking and coordination skills. Time and time again we see our students expressing their joy as they complete their work, boosting their confidence and self esteem. 


Our felt projects are designed at Sew Happy to appeal to both boys and girls and we are proud to say that they are made in the USA from (mostly) recycled water bottles. Hand sewing is suitable for grades 1 thru' 5.


Sewing is a great fit for lunch clubs as it is easy to work on a project whilst eating lunch, it is a calm environment and it only takes a small amount of space. Any of our projects can be adjusted to work in the lunch environment. Talk to us about bringing the life skill of sewing to your school! 

Testimonial from Ridgeway School, White Plains -

We love SEW Happy USA.  We have used them for Lunch and Learn programs at our elementary school, Girl Scout Meetings and summer camp for my daughter.  My daughter has learned the skill of sewing both by hand and machine.  She amazes me every time with her creativity and design, along with the skill of sewing.  It is great to watch the instructors in our school lunch and learn and Girls Scout programs expose many children to the skill of sewing.  The children enjoy it and are always proud of their end project.  Great experience every time. - Bonnie Gordon

Click here to learn more about  our current sewing projects.

Machine Sewing

Machine Sewing complements our hand sewing program and is suitable for longer sessions of at least 90 minutes. 


We have designed this program to give a basic understanding of sewing with a sewing machine and upon completion our students will have learnt about:

  • Sewing machine anatomy

  • Sewing machine safety

  • Straight stitch

  • Back stitch

  • Sewing pivots

  • Sewing curves

  • Pinning

  • Seam allowances

  • Threading the machine

  • Winding a bobbin

  • Sewing on a button by hand

Students use needles, pins, scissors, sewing machines and irons. Safety is of the utmost importance at Sew Happy and we follow strict rules to make sure our classes are as safe as possible. Our experienced sewing instructors are also trained in classroom management in order to ensure the best classroom experience for boys and girls of varying ages and abilities.


Machine sewing is suitable for grades 3 thru' 8. Click here if you would like to learn more about this program.

Escape The Room

Escape The Room is based on the latest craze where groups of people solve puzzles and clues to get out of a locked room. In our version we don't lock the kids in a room - instead, the students are presented with information (such as maps, historical information, building plans, directories and props) and cryptic clues they need to solve to open locks and boxes, allowing them to eventually 'escape' within the time allocated.


The clues are often in code, requiring they first 'discover' the clue. These codes are a mixture of visual, physical, mathematical and language type problems.  They often require the use of tools students may not have used before such as screwdrivers, compasses, protractors, etc.  The clues themselves will then require the students to examine the materials or props we set up in the room, or they may sometimes be general knowledge or logical reasoning.

The idea is that the tension builds as the big red clock counts down the minutes remaining before the room is 'locked' and the students can no longer escape! Our trained instructors know to drop the right amount of hints so that the kids do escape the room, even if it's only with seconds to spare. Through teamwork, communication, and creative thinking, the students will be challenged to complete the missions each week, while also building confidence and having a great time! Escape The Room is a fast and fun high energy program!

Escape The Room is suitable for grades 3 thru' 5. Click here if you would like to learn more about this program.

Good Old Fashioned Games

As the name suggests this club offers kids in grades K thru’ 2 a fun combination of age-appropriate games.


Board games are designed for groups of players to interact with each other. Children love technology and while it is an amazing tool it can also be isolating. Playing board games can really help develop a child’s social skills. Players learn to follow rules, communicate verbally, take turns, wait, experience winning and losing and learn how to deal with both.  These are all valuable life skills that help children at school both in the classroom and the playground.  Playing certain board games can also be educational and improve cognitive skills such as maths, logic, strategy, memory etc.  If a child continues to play these sorts of games their confidence in these areas increases leading to better self-esteem and better mental health.


Each week there will be a different group game including:


Kim’s Game - A tray of miscellaneous items are placed on a tray and after the kids have studied them they are covered up and the kids have to remember as many items as possible– excellent for improving memory and concentration skills.


Simon Says – The kids have to listen carefully, follow instructions and perform physical activities such as jumping, hopping and dancing. We play a non-elimination version so no child is ever excluded.


General Knowledge Quiz – Age appropriate questions with multiple choice benefits kids by boosting confidence, improving academic grades and making conversations extremely interesting!


Tell Me A Story - One person starts off a story with 4 words. The next person adds 4 words. And the next, and so on. This game is a fun icebreaker at the beginning of a class.


Which Would You Rather? - The "Would You Rather" game is a fun and easy game for children of all ages to play. The age appropriate questions are great for practicing critical thinking because they require kids to evaluate two different but seemingly equally appealing (or unappealing) options and choose one. It  is not only fun, but it also helps kids become more flexible on their thought patterns. Rather than holding onto an idea no matter what, they learn to consider others’ opinions. It keeps them entertained while challenging their brain to get them thinking. 


After the group game students can choose from a selection of board games including Chutes & Ladders, Battleship, Hedbanz, Chess, Scrabble & Zingo.

Click here to find out more about this program.

Homework Time

For many busy families homework can be stressful as it’s hard to find the time, space and energy to fit homework into an already jam-packed daily schedule. 


Homework Time provides:

  • a safe, quiet and calm space for students to concentrate

  • a supportive environment

  • an opportunity to develop good work habits and a positive attitude towards learning

  • the chance to develop skills involved in becoming an independent learner

We realize that students need some down time after school so the first 10-15 minutes of the session is an active game like Simon Says or Musical Statues. This allows the students to let off steam and build positive relationships with others in the group.


The next 30 minutes is dedicated to homework or reading and students are expected to work independently. Students who complete their homework within 30 minutes will be asked to read for the remaining time. The instructor is not there to help with specific homework but will assist and guide the students in order to get as much of their homework done as possible.


The last 10 minutes is chill out time and students can either continue reading, or they may color or play a board game, these activities will be provided by us.​

For Grades K - 3.

Click here to find out more about this program.

How Does The Sew Happy School Program Work?


Every school has its own requirements and we try to find the program that meets the needs of your school.


How Do We Get Started?


For a personal consultation, email us or call (917) 885 7716


We are now Booking Schools 

for SPRING & FALL 2020!

Schools using our programs

Bedford Village Elementary, Bedford

Bedford Hills, Bedford

Bi-Cultural School, Stamford

BMP, Rye Brook

Booth Hill, Trumbull

Bronxville, Bronxville

Cathedral School Of St. John The Divine, NYC

C.V. Starr Intermediate School, Brewster

Central School, Larchmont

Chapel School, Bronxville

Chatsworth, Larchmont

Corpus Christi, Port Chester

Cos Cob, Cos Cob

Daniel's Farm, Trumbull

Davis Elementary, New Rochelle

Edgewood, Scarsdale

Edgewood School, Scarsdale

FASNY (French American School), Larchmont

Fawn Hollow, Monroe

Fox Meadow, Scarsdale

Glenville Elementary School , Greenwich

Grafflin (Douglas G), Chappaqua

Greenacres, Scarsdale

Greenvale, Eastchester

Greenville, Edgemont

Greenwich Academy

Greenwich Catholic School, Greenwich

Greenwich Country Day School

Hackley School, Tarrytown

Heathcote, Scarsdale

Hillside Elementary School, Hastings-on-Hudson

Holland Hill, Fairfield

Increase Miller, Katonah

International School of Dundee, Greenwich

Jennings Elementary School, Fairfield

Julian Curtiss, Greenwich

King Street, Port Chester

Lyceum Kennedy School French American, NYC

Manhattan Day School, NYC

Mamaroneck Recreation Center

MAS, Mamaroneck

Midland, Rye

Milton, Rye

Mount Kisco Elementary School, Mount Kisco

Nightingale, NYC - Upper East Side Mianus , Greenwich

Murray Avenue School, Larchmont

Next Level, Larchmont

North Street , Greenwich

Old Greenwich School (OGS), Greenwich

Osborn , Rye

OLS, White Plains

Ox Ridge, Darien

The Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn

Parkway, Greenwich

Parsons, Harrison

Pequenakonck, North Salem

Ps3 Village Kids, NYC - West Village

Quaker Ridge, Scarsdale

Resurrection Grammar School, Rye

Ridgefield Academy, Ridgefield

Ridgeway, White Plains

Rippowam, Mount Kisco

Riverside , Greenwich

Rye Country Day School, Rye

Rye Rec ASC, Rye

Schechter Manhattan, NYC

Seely Place, Scarsdale

Speyer Legacy School, NYC

Springhurst, Dobbs Ferry

St. Denis, St. Columba, Hopewell Junction

Sts. John & Paul, Larchmont

St. Joseph's, Bronxville

St.Patrick's School, Bedford

Van Cortlandtville School, Cortlandt Manor

Ward Elementary, New Rochelle

West Patent, Mount Kisco

The Windward School

The Windward School - WLS

World Cup, Chappaqua

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